Dietech - Dietary Food Management System (Dietary Software)

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Dietech is a Dietary Software program designed to provide you with the ability to track and manage residents dietary needs. This includes: meal patterns, tray tickets, nourishment labels, MDS weight triggers, Discharge Summaries, Purchasing Linkage, Menu Cost Analysis, Selective Menus, Production Tallys, Extension Sheets and more. Dietech was designed using a committee of RDs, Diet Technicians, and Food Service Directors from the long-term health care industry.

For more information please contact Janice at (866) 585-3344 ext. 117.

Benefits and Features

  • Automated Cardex: input and track all Resident information, including: weights, dislikes, progress notes (Initial, Quarterly, Reassessments), thirty-four custom labs as well as problems, goals, and approaches.
  • Calories, Fluids and Protein Requirements: are automatically calculated based upon the individual residents data, using the BEE, BMI and Adjusted Weights feature.
  • MDS Weight Triggers: the system triggers to MDS defaults. (You can establish your own defaults so that your residents can be triggered using lower percentages and days).
  • Computer Generated Tray Tickets: printed by meal in specific facility order, including residents name, room number, diet order, consistency, specific meal pattern, meal specific portion size, MDS/Facility/PRI feeding status, special devices, food allergies, dislikes, specific resident, and more. Specific areas can be done in custom colors. (Diet Order, Consistencies, dislikes, etc.)
  • Nourishments: Labels for AM, PM, and HS. Also, complete and partial acceptance forms to be signed by nursing.
  • Intake Study: allows you to conduct a one to three day intake study on residents and can automatically calculate nutrient values.


  • Resident List: List of all residents in alphabetical or room order. Has additional features to print diet order, age, height and weight.
  • Diet Order Report: Lists each diet and the residents with that diet order.
  • Food Allergy Report: Program has both medication and food allergy sections. Food allergy can be printed in color on tray tickets.
  • Medication List: PRN/Specific medications are listed in the Cardex for each resident.
  • Dietary Discharge: This report includes the essential Cardex history, meal patterns, dislikes, meds, lab values, etc. This has been used as an additional marketing tool with resident formulas and hospitals as it can be faxed and received before the resident arrives at the hospital.
  • Production: Special resident items, totals beverage, nourishment, thickeners, protein and fiber.
  • Beverage Summary: calculates all cold and hot beverage items for tray line by cart, meal, or totals.
  • Thickener/Protein/Fiber Summary: List of all beverage and foods that have a thickener, protein or fiber added. Prints labels as needed.
  • Production Tally: An all encompassing report detailing out exactly what items you will need for your production run. It lists HACCP temperatures along with any special devices and utensils needed.
  • Extension Sheets: A spreadsheet like view of what you will be serving, customized to your facilities diet types and consistencies.
  • Posting Menus: A week at a glance menu showing what will be served for all mealtimes including alternates on one sheet.

Other Benefits

  • Setup, install and onsite training available.
  • Help screens built right into the program.
  • Link Purchasing.
  • Menu Cost Analysis.
  • Menu and Recipes.
  • Production Module
  • Program Updates or Improvements.
  • Technical support, a phone call away.