Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Bid Process

  • Assistance in preparing pharmacy bid
    • Obtain invoices from current pharmacy vendors
    • Review commonly used medications & brand/ generic ratio
    • Develop Request For Proposal (RFP) tailor made for your facility
  • Review bid proposals
    • Apply proposed discounts from RFP to actual medications used in facility
    • Side by side analysis of RFPs to insure apples to apples comparison
    • Recommend Award

Audit Services

  • Pharmacy Invoices
    • Monthly Review electronically of Pharmacy invoices to insure correct pricing
  • Identify Medicaid Pass Thru Medications
    • Monthly Report identifying carveout medications billed to your facility
  • Identify Inappropriate Medication Use
    • Monthly Report identifying medications that are inappropriate to use in a population 65 years and older according to study conducted by Mark Beers, MD . (HCFA tag# F329 & F429)
  • Review generic medication Average Wholesale Price (AWP)
    • Suggest less costly AWPs

Formulary Development/Compliance

  • Develop a facility specific program to electronically monitor formulary compliance. Assist in the development of formulary or employ preexisting formulary.
    • Monitor adherence to formulary by utilizing pharmacy invoices
      • By Medication
      • By Physician
    • Provide a monthly report card to facility